Tuesday, November 29, 2011

fixya1: I click on yahoo messager it opens then pops right off again

fixya1: I click on yahoo messager it opens then pops right off again

I click on yahoo messager it opens then pops right off again

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    2. If you ever want to allow Yahoo! Instant Messenger to be able to make updates, all you need to do is follow the process outlined above and change the file extension back to "exe" instead of "bak."
    3. If you disable Yahoo! Instant Messenger, it will not make any Yahoo-sponsored updates to your computer until it the process has been reversed.

    1. Open Yahoo! Instant Messenger by clicking on the icon on your desktop. This will open the program. The program does not need to remain open. Simply check to make sure that it opens up and is operational. Then click on the "X" to close it.
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      Go to the Start menu on the bottom left hand corner of the computer screen. Click on it. When the next menu appears, click on "My Computer" in XP or "Computer" in Vista. This will open a screen that lists the drives associated with the computer.
    3. 3
      Click on the "C:" drive icon on this screen. You will need to wait a few moments for the files located within this drive to open. This is particularly true if you have a lot of files on your computer.
    4. 4
      After the files screen opens, navigate to the proper place where Yahoo! Instant Messenger is located. You will need to drill down through the "Program Files" folder. After this file opens, scroll down until you get to the "Yahoo!" folder. After reaching this folder, scroll down and open the "Messenger" folder.
    5. 5
      Inside of the "Messenger" folder, find a file called "yupdater.exe." Right click on the file and choose "Rename" in the menu that appears to the right of the file. Retype the file name, but instead of calling the file "yupdater.exe," rename it "yupdater.bak"
    6. 6
      Restart the computer. When the computer loads, Yahoo! Instant Messenger will not be able to update automatically. You have now completely disabled Yahoo! Instant Messenger.

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    amana abd2533dew filtered water dispenser leaks

    The water dispenser inside the frig leaks. Will replacing the dispenser limit switch stop the leaking inside the frig? Is this hard to replace? Second, the ice maker is leaking small amounts of water in the back corner under the ice maker where the fill tube comes in from the back of the frig. How can I replace this or fix this leak. The ice cubes get frozen together.
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